🌸 Coloring Art #1🎨

I actually love coloring but recently, I have not been doing so. Two days ago while I was doing my stuff, I came across this coloring post by @kaylinart and it really motivated me in doing the same since I actually love it. It has never come to my mind to share the art of coloring and now, this is my first post about it.

Since I did not have any coloring book at home, I decided to download an app for coloring which really helps. I had downloaded an app of such before but deleted it but now, I have downloaded it again along with another.

To start with this new motivation that I found, I colored this message

Then I went ahead and tried this one of a peacock.

Not sure of what you are thinking but I will like to hear from you if possible, kindly comment down.

Coloring is a therapy on its own to reduce stress, make the brain active and relax. It is something you can enjoy doing and build your brain while doing so and not until you have some coloring books but your smartphone can do the work for you by downloading a coloring book for adults. So you can start today as well.