Impatient - a deadly disease

I know must of us know about being patient and being impatient but sometimes we don't know the consequences and what it can lead to in the future. Impatient is more like a disease that eats up the body and the more the disease is still part of the body the more it ruins things and can eventually lead to death.

Impatient can force you to do what you are not supposed to do or and what you are not to do earlier than expected. It can make people push you to do the unnecessary and the result might be so bad that you will regret it totally.

You should be careful when taking important steps in life. Think twice and if possible fifty times before you do anything; never rush into something just because you cannot wait again for that thing to happen. Don't rush into things you will later regret you did.

There are some people who had committed suicide because of the result of their impatient and some are having health issues because of the same. Endure delays, endure disappointments as it might be your ticket to a better life.