The most valuable commodity on the planet is running out – water 

25% of the world’s countries are running out of water according to the World Resources Institute and this is predicted to grow to 50% by 2050. The most vulnerable countries include India, with the largest population globally, and the entire Middle East and North Africa essentially. And it’s not just third world nations. Add to the list California and New Mexico in America and you may find that your home is bordering on a desert too.

“Water stress is the biggest crisis no one is talking about. Its consequences are in plain sight in the form of food insecurity, conflict and migration, and financial instability”

Dr Andrew Steer, President and CEO of World Resources Institute

17 countries top the most critical list and although my country is not on it, my home city of Cape Town was the first major city in the world last year to almost run out of water. It came less than 100 days short of “Day Zero” that summer. This is the city that hosted the 2010 Soccer World Cup. The entire city of 4 million, except the very poorest, who had their municipal taps kept on, would have only 200 water points from which to go and collect water daily. It got close to the red line but never quite went over it fortunately.

“Mad Max and the Water Wars” is not some dystopian future, it are here today. And it’s coming to a city near you. Chennai in India is now having the same water crisis this year. Researchers are saying that hotter, drier weather is becoming something of a trend globally, as we can see by this month’s summer heat waves in Europe and UK, which broke world records in places for hottest temperatures ever recorded for July in some cities.

You may not live in the Middle East, North or Southern Africa, but many people do. And with India, Pakistan and Afghanistan also on the critically endangered list of top 60 countries, we have a quarter of the world’s population in danger, or one drought season away from disaster.

And this is not just a third world problem because on the same list we find Italy, Spain, Portugal and the capital of the EU – Belgium – all on the red list of “high baseline water stressed nations”. And America is fifty years away from disaster, which sounds fine but with some states already under severe risk of drought, the truth is sinking in faster than we might imagine for the top economy in the planet. Australia went through similar water shortages in the recent past but was able to take steps to alleviate their problems, so with proper water management the disaster can be mitigated. It means recycling waste water for example.

This might be why the Bush family bought up 40 500 hectares of land in Paraguay a few years ago. It is a piece of land that accesses the largest underground water aquifer in the country, called the Gaurani Aquifer. This is the source of water for an entire country, and it has been bought by the ex president of America for personal and private use. So your nation’s very survival is being threatened by one family in the coming water wars, where masses will potentially first go into “Mad Max” mode as they starve to death, and then they will simply drop dead one by one while the Bush family and America suck the life waters from the weaker nations.

The Americans have a military base full of troops in the region already so the empire is one step ahead of this water war and global drought that is approaching. The Americans can suck off the life blood of the poorer nations happily getting more and more obese while Paraguay and others dry up and wither away like dead leaves in the Fall of the world. Talk about Imperialist crimes. Good Americans know little of the crimes their government commits daily all over the planet while their propaganda fake news spews lies to keep their dumbed down residents in a blind stupor as to the crimes they are being implicated in. You’ve heard of blood diamonds, well what about the blood oil, and blood water and the blood money that Americans enjoy in their fake lives subsidized by our blood and death. 

Water is the new oil and the empire want their pound of it – your pound of it, so what are you going to do about it? I’m going to write and inform the American people of the crimes they are implicated in by their voted government, and I’m writing to tell the rest of us to beware the empire, whether America or China because they are coming for your resources and you need to be informed. 

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