Good News All Around

With God, all things are possible to those who believe. There is a couple in the church that was looking for the fruit of the womb and God answered them late last year. In fact, the woman got to know that she was pregnant early January after a series of miscarriages and it was not their first time.

I am happy today as there is another addition in my church. She gave birth to a bouncing baby girl and if you are following my blog, I had posted about another sister who gave birth to a boy same time as this one last two weeks. It was all a miracle.

I really bless God for this addition in the family of God and we will continue to grow in grace and favor in Jesus name.

>All the glory must be to the Lord,

For He is worthy of our praise,

No man on earth should give glory to himself,

All the glory must be to the Lord.

I use this medium to pray for all that are looking up to God for the same blessing that Jehovah God will favor them and bless them with their own child. Amen.