U°OS blockchain and U°Community App Newcomer Roadmaps: where to start and how to proceed learning about us 

This tutorial here is a roadmap for the platform users. It aims to navigate the learning process for the people, who are new and have a vague understanding of the network and the project. 

First and foremost, I'd suggest to start with reading the project's White Paper [1] and the Intro Part of the Tutorial I [2] (see References). You can also check out the Landing page [3]. These three pieces of content should give you a clear representation of what the project is about and what you can do in the network. 

Next, you can get fully familiar with the U°Community App interface by going through the full tutorial series (the list is published in [4]). You can start, for example, with the Tutorial IV [5] to learn how to navigate the platform (pay attention to the Part II of it, that references some informative communities, that you can join). After that, you can go through the other tutorials in no particular order, according to your interests.

Third, if you want to dive into more of the technical information about the U°OS blockchain, you should check out the project's Yellow Paper and the list of technical articles and videos about the DPoI algorithm. The links to these resources are located in the publication [5]. There in [5] you can also find the link to the article with some extra platform use cases, as well as the links to the face of the project, that are the Landing Page and the White Paper. See the References section of this article to find all of the above mentioned materials and let us know what questions or suggestions you have.


[1] U°OS White Paper: https://uos.network/whitepaper.pdf?05072019

[2] U°Community Tutorial I: Intro: https://u.community/posts/11139

[3] U°OS Landing Page: https://uos.network

[4] Full U°Community interface Tutorial series: https://u.community/posts/11356

[5] Technical resources about the DPoI algorithm: https://u.community/posts/10403