The God the provider

Hello everyone and happy first Sunday in the month of August. I want to believe that you are all doing fine by HIs grace. Today is just a few words of motivation that God is the provider of all things.

You don't need to be in want for anything when you have the person to provide t for you at no cost. The only thing that will cost you is your faithfulness unto HIm.

God knows the best for you and he will provide it for you at the right time. If you truly follow Him with a pure heart and in spirit then when you think you needed something you will get it according to his will in your life. If you do not have it then it means that thing is not right for you at that time. God knows it all so let him plan it for you.

So He is your provider who is ready to meet all your needs according to His riches in glory. Lean on him.

Stay blessed.