Do you want to earn some tokens?

If you do then check

Want to join the Force as a worker and earn some EFX tokens?

If you do, just open Worker Registration tab at:

You will need an active EOS account and Scatter to register and connect it to the system. It is important as all tokens earned are paid immediately to your linked EOS account.

After registering you can complete available tasks and get paid in real time, which is a very nice feature. No invoices, no wait, you do the job and get paid immediately!

Initially the payout is very low, especially for "qualification" tasks which are there to check your ability to provide quality input, but it will grow as you gain more experience and higher reputation measured by Achievement Points.

For a time being there is a limit of 500 tasks per 24 hours and some tasks will be available only after completion of qualification procedure (for which you will also get some small amount of EFX).

Some tasks are very simple, some are much more complicated but the whole concept is very innovative and interesting. The EFX tokens are liquid and may be sold for EOS for example on Newdex so you will be getting paid in (almost) real cash :-)

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