We'll give you x5 (five times) the emission you get from your referrals! Hurry up, the reward pool is limited!

Referral system is updated. Time to check your settings and wallet once again!

As you've heard previously on our news channel, the referral system was giving you 10% of the Importance your referrals earned on the platform, and the respective amount of dynamic emission. We've issued a special pool of 1 000 000 UOS to stimulate this activity, giving you five times the emission you get from your referrals' Importance!

We're going to add a fancy list of your referrals to our profile settings

and a banner with explanation to your wallet, along with a handy share button -

All this is done to bring your attention to a simple fact - we're giving you x5 (five times) the emission you'll get from your referrals.

This time the pool is 1 000 000 UOS, mainnet-grade ones. (we may refill it later as it gets dry)

How it works:

  1. You share your referral link (found in your settings) with a decent person you'd like to see here
  2. Your protege registers on the platform and start performing his/her daily protege-ish activities
  3. Your referral gets some social rate and Importance
  4. You get 10% of their Importance
  5. ???
  6. Profit! You get MOAR emission, as your Importance grows bigger

The referral system follow the law of conservation of Importance, so your referral will suffer a 10% loss of their Importance for some period of time. Well, a fair compensation for being introduced to such a community, eh?

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