Environmental catastrophes and animal agriculture 

Red meat has been labeled an official cancerogen by the world health organization (WHO), millions of people die from hunger and lack of clean water, while production of 1 kg of meat takes 15000 litres of water and animals are fed non-specific for their biological species plant-based foods, that could actually solve the human hunger problem and sustain human health at the same time.  The only vitamins, that vegans need to take are B12 and D (if they live in non-sunny regions, vitamin D is produced by skin). B12 is not produced by animals - it is produced by bacteria. But because we wash fruits and don’t drink fresh water for sanitary reasons, we may experience lack of it. Animal meat contains B12 only because animals eat it, including enriched foods. So are we crazy to risk our health, damage our body and get sick, while killing the planet and exploiting animals? Heart disease, diabetes and many cancers are a product of nutrition gone wrong. This is a scientific conclusion, based on research. #science #nutrition #ecology