Full Moon lunar eclipse 16 July 2019 – an astrological perspective

The full moon is just hours away as I write this, and may be upon us as this goes “to press” and it brings a partial lunar eclipse. This eclipse is part of the pair that included the total solar eclipse of two weeks ago during the new moon. These cycles are key to observing the activities of the luminaries and mark peaks and troughs in the waves marked by these cycles. And astrology, like life, is all about cycles and seasons. Observe the cycles in your life and you can perfect the timing of your endeavors so that they reap the best rewards. 

The partial eclipse will be visible on 16 July across the entire African continent, Europe in the north, all the way down to New Zealand, South America in the west, all the way to China in the east. The only nations on the globe who won’t see the eclipse are North America, Canada and north eastern Russia. So keep your eyes peeled around 22h30 London time, which is 03h00 in New Delhi on the 17th already.

Even traders will tell you that prices move in patterns and cycles. In fact they move in what look like waves or fractals, up and down, just like the patterns of the heavenly luminaries in relation to each other. Sailors and farmers alike all time their actions based on the cycles of life, of the earth and of the solar system. There is a time to plant and a time to harvest, a time to set sail and a time to dock. Nowadays it’s not quite as crucial to await a favorable tide, with our giant ocean liners, but in previous ages the captains had to be good navigators, using the stars for guidance, and they had to know the tides, governed by the moon’s gravity, to ensure a successful voyage.

Similarly life is all about timing. And astrology is one of the ways to read the timing, to observe the movements of the planets and the sun and moon, in relation to your personal horoscope, which is based on your time of birth. By doing this, you can accurately tell when to act for your best interests. Timing is everything. In crypto trading one needs to be able to time the entry and exit with precision in order to really profit. Why not so too with life?

This full moon coming up in a few hours is a powerful one, as it also conjuncts the Saturn/Pluto alignment. So we will have a stellium of three objects, namely Moon, Saturn and Pluto, all bunched up within a few degrees of each other in the sign of Capricorn, in the western or tropical system of zodiac. Saturn and Pluto have been conjunct in the sky for some weeks now and the full moon comes by and joins them for a few hours over the next day or so. This makes for an accentuated influence on the full moon moment and the lunar eclipse.

Astrological lore or symbolism suggests an intensified emotional time, where compulsive behaviour, and power struggles are likely to arise. So be prepared for crisis. On a collective scale we could see the rise of the mob, or the gangs, or any mass movement of power, whether on the streets of America as the #metoo movement, the #yellowvests on the streets of France, or any other form of populist power play where the people take to the streets to voice their concerns against the authorities or government.

Leaders may fall, due to disgrace or tarnished reputations. The zodiac sign of Capricorn, where the Moon will experience its eclipse, is symbolically associated with status, authority, public figures in politics and any government system. The Sun in the opposite sign of Cancer, symbolises the home, family, roots and even ancestry or tradition. There may be a clash between our home life with family versus our career responsibilities. Sometimes one has to sacrifice the one for the other. Especially as a single parent or working mother, for example.

Although Pluto, one of the planets involved in the conjunction with the Moon at the exact eclipse hour, is nowadays only considered a dwarf planet, it does carry with it powerful symbolism. Pluto is also known as Hades, and represents the god of buried treasure, the underworld, and the dark shadowy forces that play out their power and control behind the scenes, like the deep state. Mafia or deep state – it falls under the same banner, namely that of a power behind the throne, behind closed doors and a sometimes dangerous power. It can be seen as nuclear power, compared to say conventional fire power.

We may see still more skeletons emerging from the closet of leaders, as they are taken down from their positions of power or their reputations. Although Saturn is a little too far away from the moon to be conjunct (it’s over 7 degrees away from the moon at eclipse) still we see the planet Venus directly in opposition to Saturn during the full moon event, suggesting a difficult time for love, and relationships. Unless one partner plays out the Saturn and the other Venus. It implies a much older partner and their younger loved one

Whatever your sign, the full moon exactly conjunct Pluto, and opposition to the sun can bring about powerful feelings that can be quite overwhelming during the coming full moon hours. Passionately obsessive behaviour may arise as unconscious memories are triggered. Fortunately Neptune also makes a harmonious sixty degree aspect to the triple cluster of Saturn, Moon and Pluto. If you take the opportunity now to keep your irrational behaviour in check, you can use this forewarning to remain cool under pressure and even access deeper dream or visionary inspiration from more intuitive sides of your brain.

Typical emotional issues to be aware of over the full moon now include manipulative behaviour, jealousy, guilt trips, intimidation, even violence or self-harm. These will be potentially triggered over the full moon so keep an eye out for others who might need your assistance around you in this regard. The remedy would be to actively harness the aid or charity symbolised by Neptune, to spend time meditating, transcending your challenge or opposition from another, and to simply intensify your introspection and self-reflection. Rise above the petty ego issues that may emerge in the struggle for power.

We forget sometimes that there is an abundance of energy available to us, whether in the fresh air, the beauty of nature or the chi or force field in natural surroundings, like seaside or forest. Even just focusing on a beautiful tree or garden can facilitate our tapping in to the powerful force of nature. In this way we won’t have to try to take energy from those around us, especially those close, whom we love, as if there is a limited supply. In fact there is an unlimited supply, an abundance in the storehouse of “the force” and it is up to us to tap into that to power up, so to speak. Then we can radiate it out to others without feeling drained ourselves, or desperate. “The Celestine Prophecy” is a great book written a decade or more ago, that talks about the nine insights, of which tapping into the abundant energy of nature is one. Another is to learn which power struggle game we learned from our parents and to end it. Are we a victim or a manipulator; and aloof or an intimidator? These types of patterns are learned from parents at a young age and once we see them for what they are we can disempower them and become more centred and able to assist others in becoming inspired without needing to “borrow” energy from the force field of others.

The alignment of the sun in direct opposition to Pluto at the full moon moment can really trigger a crisis of self-esteem, or bring about a relationship of light versus dark, the sun being the symbol of light and Pluto being the furthest planet from the sun, and a symbol of the god of the underworld. The light and the shadow are seen facing off against each other in relationships now, as we attract our shadow. If we are aware of what is going on around us then we can actually get help from the shadow figure. One positive expression is in seeing a psychologist, counsellor or medicine guide, who can help us to revive some old or discarded trash, some forgotten side of ourselves, or some potential treasure lying dormant in our own unconscious.

The shaman in various cultures was able to guide the soul through a mystical journey of consciousness in order to help them to integrate the cut off part of our psyche that we may have suppressed or simply not yet allowed to flourish. This gold is hidden in the caves of the unconscious and awaits a catalyst, like the right time in our lives or the right realizations and insight, to facilitate its emergence.

The sleeping dragon lies on top of a pile of gold, and if we can just harness the dragon, then we can access that treasure lying their untapped within our psyche. Beware the Bitcoin price drop now. If trades don’t go your way then just hodl and wait for prices to rise back up. If relationships or the lack thereof find you alone, then look within to discover your sense of wholeness or completeness without the dependency on others. There is no need to depend on validation from some parent substitute when we have our own sense of self-worth in a healthy state.

Remember your own power as a human being and see the beauty in the creation, of which you are the prime example. Prices will go to the moon for traders in time to come, it may just be a bit delayed, so hodl and don’t fodl. Time is the greatest reasure of all in life, and if you have that then the rest will follow.

With the fixed star Pollux also at or near to the sun in Cancer right now, a spirit of bravery may be stimulated, along with some renown, spurring on those in business and politics, so expect a tussle among the bulls and the bears. Just be careful of cruelness or bad behaviour from those with less than exemplary morals or empathy. In Roman mythology Pollux was the more mischievous of the Gemini twins, who could be rash or harsh in his dealings, perhaps heavy-handed, as opposed to diplomatic or conscientious.

Let’s hope that the overly patriarchal regimes will be put in their place and those abusing women will be curtailed. Women need to be respected, and that includes Mother Earth, and all the animals who inhabit her. Scandal and the loss of reputation may be necessary to humble the overly patriarchal types in power so that they become more sensitive to the need for balance and harmony with the feminine within nature, within women in society, and ultimately within themselves.

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