How we created an IoT solution for relaxation, good sleep, and recovery

This IoT solution enables to connect to and manage the company's devices—furniture items—via Bluetooth. A number of micromotors are built into the mattress and call vibrations that have a positive effect on human nerves and blood flow. The intensity level can be set by a user with a mobile app.

Here I'd like to tell you about the development of this product: features, goals, duration, technologies, project stages. Let's start our small journey!🐱‍🏍👀

The beginning of the project

The idea was to create an IoT-based solution that would enable users to connect to the company's devices and use them for relieving pain in the joints, improving sleep, and just relaxing. 

The company is producing modern furniture (sofas, chairs, and mattresses) that has multiple micromotors embedded in. But it was clear that without a mobile app that would enable to manage them, the idea just won't work. 

The client needed to rewrite a mobile application from scratch. He referred to BLAKIT IT Solutions as he had been worked with the team and knew that he applied to a reliable software engineering firm. Within a month, the customer had the first version ready. 

The creation of the project

With the company’s growth, new goals came and the project required to be scaled. The entire work can be divided into three important parts:

✅ Apps' development for corporate customers;

✅ Implementation of a server infrastructure, which allowed customers to view statistics, manage user subscriptions, promotional codes as well as feature activations for specific devices;

✅ Beginning of the cooperation with other companies for making joint projects.

The project included the following stages:

✔ Requirements collection and analysis

✔ Preparation of a technical specification

✔ App design—from the creation of wireframes to custom UI

✔ IoT project development

✔ Testing and debugging

✔ Delivery to the client

✔ Project support and maintenance 

The implementation of a cool design

One of the main goals was to provide a seamless user experience on all devices. To this end, we developed different layouts for them. Another task was to make all design ideas work as intended on any device. Almost all elements on the app's screens are custom. 

To ensure a smooth animation of switching between different screens' states, the dev team created so-called lightweight fragments. In addition, they added a custom circular-reveal animation for some screens. Due to these design implementations, we achieved smooth animation and screen vivacity on even outdated devices.

Product features

✅ Product management via Bluetooth

✅ Remote app feature activation

✅ Custom interfaces for partner applications

✅ Kiosk mode in an Android application

✅ Cool intuitive design 

✅ Support for smartphones and tablets

✅ Relaxing music

✅ Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

As a result, we developed an IoT solution for wellness and relaxation that I'm happy to share with our amazing community. Now, our company is expanding the project. 

If you want to learn more about the use of IoT technology in healthcare, read the post about the Internet of Medical Things.👀🐱‍👓

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