It’s time to wake up and see the bigger picture

My deeper thoughts here UCommunity are that the body in this human form of life is like a field and we are planting the seeds. The seeds are the karma or actions that we act out, based on what we attract according to our past deeds or our current state of consciousness. Life is about energy, about vibrating electromagnetic frequencies. We all radiate a certain frequency according to our make up. And we attract like a magnet according to that vibration.

And that material disposition or frequency is something we are born with, according to the body and family we received. We continue according to the vibration we learned or inherited from our parents or whoever was our primary carer during the first years of our life. It is subtly moulded as we grow older, but the foundation is set by seven years of age.

After that it is up to us to make a conscientious effort to improve our vibration or our frequency. Once we are adults, most of what happens to us- the people we attract, the relationships we experience, they are our responsibility, we attract them due to what we put out and what we are obliged to experience at our current vibration.

We cannot blame others alone, or play the victim. We are also responsible. And if we get caught up in the ego identification with this material body and the things that come with it, like name and fame, prestige, inherited skills, then it means that we have forgotten who we really are. Because we are in essence not the body in which we reside. We are not Indian or American, black or white, rich or poor, foolish or wise. We are eternal spirit soul, temporarily in a physical vehicle of the body/mind.

No intelligent person will think that s/he is the car in which they move around. But when you have an accident in the street, a crash, we jump out of the car and say “you hit me”. We instinctively identify with the vehicle. The driver is not the vehicle. In this regard there was once, in a bygone age, a wise soul who took birth in the body of a fool. He wandered around forgetful of the material needs, like good clothing, shelter or any of the normal social etiquette. One day the nobleman came by, being carried on a palanquin by his four bearers.

When they saw the fool, they decided that he was quite strong, so they corralled him into doing service as a carrier. But in his dis-identification with the body, he was seeing all life as sacred and therefore when he saw a column of ants at his feet, he did not have the heart to step on them. As a result he was dancing about to dodge them and of course jostling the nobleman seated on the palanquin that was being carried.

Immediately the high chair rider stopped his crew and asked what was going on. He admonished the fool and said to him, “you look stout and strong but you are incompetent and a fool.” The “avadhuta” replied, “my dear sir, you may be correct to say I am not strong because I am not this body in which I live. At the end of this life I will leave it behind and resume my original true nature. Can you dear nobleman let go of your status, wealth and prestige when the time comes, or will you be trapped by it, forced by desires to return and struggle in this material existence in yet another body?”

Similarly we journey through life, sometimes thinking we are of high status, or full of wealth or learning, and our ego identifies with those temporary externals. Society today trains us up like that, to identify with the ego and the externals. That’s how the masters of illusion, the elite powers that be (PTB) that want us dumbed down keep us trapped. They want fools who can be moulded into consumers, who forget that they are already complete as they are. They use consumer advertising to make us feel incomplete in our bodies, to want more, to fell the need to spend and thus push up their profits. We are the sheep corralled into the malls to fulfill an insatiable desire for more.

This only occurs due to lack of education, forgetfulness of our inherent wholeness as we are. The PTB are agents of illusion, of Maya, of degradation actually. And we need to awaken to the illusion that is being performed on this planet. Unless we give up false ego, we will never reclaim our real ego. Real ego exists, or real personality and identity beyond the external false ego based on body and mind. In Sanskrit real self is called “atma” or “jivatma” and false ego is called “ahankara”. Those who are still bewildered by false ego are like donkeys, chasing after the carrot on the stick of the cart driver, when there is so much green grass in the field beside the road down which they are driven.

So what is the difference between animal life and human life? Are we still living on the level of animals – eating sleeping, mating and defending, while forgetting to focus on the real business of this rare and valuable human form of life? Our real opportunity, now that we have human consciousness is to awaken remembrance of our eternal spiritual self, of “jivatma” or soul, in relation to “paramatma” or “supersoul”, or source. Animals are not subject to karmic reaction. They are innocent of fault, being purely when under the influence of their mind and body. They do not have the ability to rationalize or philosophize or self-reflect. But we have that capacity, so we are gifted, but wit great gifts comes great responsibility, so we are held responsible for the way in which we use or neglect the opportunity in this human form of life.

This is something even a child will understand in the educated Vedic culture of ancient India, where civilized life is understood to be about consciousness, not about pursuit of illusion, consumerism and the shallow externals of the uncontrolled mind and senses. We think that we are so advanced in our modern civilization because we have found a better way to light a fire, but if all you are doing is eating better foodstuffs, sleeping in softer beds, mating with more lust or defending with bigger missiles, then you are nothing more than a polished animal. And you can’t put lipstick on a pig and think it will help in any way.

So thoughtful, introspective and conscious beings will see through the illusion, the ignorance, the animalistic drive to defend the ego, and will begin to inquire into the real potentials of the human form of life. If you are receptive to these unanswered questions from your dumbed down so-called modern society, and are looking for meaning in the madness, something more than just survival, then you are on the right track. Look at our existence and tell me we are doing an uplifting job and I will remind you that there are more humans in severe suffering on this planet than there are content ones, out of the almost 8 billion of us.

Unless you have tired of chewing the chewed, and are looking for a higher taste, then you will remain entrapped in the illusion perpetrated by the PTB to keep you enslaved to the allure of more, the illusion of false ego as seen in fashion magazines and billboards. Consumerism is a trap created by the masters of illusion and as long as we fall for it, then we are the donkey chasing the carrot. Now is the time to awaken to the real goal of life, to remember who you are, to break out of the trap and the illusion, and if you’re reading this then you are on the right track. Take from it what you will, according to your ability to comprehend with consciousness the bigger picture, to see pearls of wisdom when they are put before you, to break free from the PTB who ride you like a donkey to your grave.

Are you awake or are you still as dull as a donkey? Are you the frog in the well, unable to comprehend the ocean beyond? Use this post as a catalyst, wake up from the dream, the thick fog permeated by the dull body and mind and simply ask the right questions. That in itself will begin the process of attracting the answers to you, because it’s all about vibration and the law of attraction. It’s a science, and we are holding the most powerful piece of engineering know to human kind in our hands, namely ourselves. The stars await you.

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