User Tutorial III: user profile management via U°Community App

Note: the first two tutorials in the series, that describe what U°Community App is and how to perform social, economic, stake, emission and governance transactions in the interface, are located at [1] and [2] (see References below).

Here in this tutorial we characterize user account management.

You will learn how to use U°Community interface to:

  • manage your online profile and blockchain settings

Step 1: Log in to your U°Community account, using your Username and Brainkey.

Step 2: Click on your account icon at the upper-right corner of the interface webpage.

Step 3: Click on the Settings button in the drop-down menu to get to your Account Settings page.

Using your Account Settings page you can:

Option 1: manage your blockchain resources — for the details on RAM and stake editing transactions see Part II and Part III of [1].

Option 2: change your password for your financial and voting transactions and access your Keys — for the details on these operations see Part IV of [1].

Option 3: retrieve your Referral link and gain importance rate when you share it with your friends.

Option 4: manage your profile by clicking Go To Profile Edit at the bottom of the page.

Note: when at your Profile Page make sure to click the Save Changes button after profile changes are made. Here you can:

Option 4.1: Add or change a Cover Photo to your profile.

Option 4.2: Add or change your Profile Picture.

Option 4.3: Add or change Displayed Name.

Option 4.4: Add About Me.

Option 4.5: Add Links to your Website and Social Networks.

Option 4.6: Return to Blockchain Account Settings by clicking on Go To Settings.


[1] User Tutorial I: U°Community overview and interface transactions:

[2] User Tutorial II: governance and emission: