For How Long Will They Keep Us This Way

When the leaders of a country are not ready to listen to what the citizens want to say they end up paying dearly for it. When there is chaos in a country freedom fighters arises. Over the years, we hear of politicians being kills by various group that seek for justice in what they think to be right.

Just recently when we look all over the news trending on our various television sets, we see people who sees what the government those as wrong moving as far as to the parliament house to cause scenes. First, I saw this young man trying to kill himself at the parliament house only because he said the government has failed in its quit to make the nation a better place.

To him the country now is not save anymore and that he wants the government to know what it has been causing its citizens. And as usual he was stop and was sent to the hospital for medical check ups if all is well with him.

Even though when I saw the news I was like awww, why should this man want to kill himself in the first place and if he really wanted to end his life, why don’t he do it at his very home than to move to the parliament house?

We all have a lot to do and we will always be that way when we depend on the government. They keep playing with our minds and never want us to check them with what they promised to do. They always use these happenings to draw off what they are really to do.