Assigned Life

Life, Life, Life sometimes good, sometimes bad but on the average we see people moving up and down. Each one trying to strive out on how to make a living each day of his/her life. To some they never have enough rest in the day and they keep doing work, work, work all the time.

To others they just sit at the comfort of their homes and sleep for as much as they want. They sometimes see what they do as boring but to them they have no option than to be that way. Because their lives are planned for them since the very day they landed on the surface of this earth from their mom’s womb.

Their future has been imposed on them whether they like it or not and they are to be what they are born to be. Most at times these people get frustrated and wished they were never born that way. Because they never know peace and are restricted from so many other things.

They are normally not allowed to play with certain people they call friends and have no one to be with than the lonely way. They lock themselves up in a house full of whatever they want but they never feel happy.

They always want to be as normal as every child in the world play and have fun with others but in their cases they are just to act and never decide what they want until they are grown to be the very personality assigned to them.