What Goes Around Comes Around

The phase of life always gives the say what goes around comes around the benefit of the doubt. Many people do certain things and think they will suffer for what they do unto others some time to come. They live with the mindset that nothing in life can harm them or make them pay for both the good and bad they do to others.

In this life of our each one of us has a price to pay for our actions and that we are to be careful with what we do. What you might think is good for you might cause a bitter pain to the other. When we think of only ourselves to the extent of hurting others, then we are to think twice.

Yea, think twice because whatever goes around comes around. When you think you are all powerful and can hurt others with the power you hold. Remember someone else will take over from you and who knows you might not be the one to suffer the pain yourself but your son, daughter or a grand child might carry your burden.

I once heard a story of a man who thought he was going never going to suffer for the actions he does. He treated people badly that no one was even able to come near him. So as days bled into years he became weak to do anything or even move to a place, so his position was later given to someone who suffered bitterly at the hands of this man.

To cut the long story short, the children of the man became slaves to the man in power now because the man had to pay some debts he owed. We are advised to stay clear on what we do and never hurt others because we don’t know where they will be in the future.