Me This Morning

Lol….Just moments ago, I just heard a knock on the office door and asked the person to enter. Only to see a mate of mine looking for my partner, so I said he is not around. Only for him to go and I heard another knock from a second person looking form my partner again.

I then started to get suspicious, after the third knock came in. I only realized they were after him only because they saw him holding food…..hehe. Boys everyone is after him this early morning to loot his food. But lucky him he went out without his phone and has caused a traffic our door.

They keep coming and knocking one after the other. But I know he might be hanging around somewhere to finish his food since we are not allowed to eat at the office. I have really missed two good days at the office and coming back this morning only to witness this is a good thing to live with for today.

But it’s such a cool day after a stressful week and two days, though the work load is still on and I will be in this hectic mode for a month today. But my only thing to be missed is a regular stay on discord. Will be with you guys in spirit and by fingers even though I will be limited.

Well, I just sent my partner back to his hell that he has a present in the next office and I wonder what he will come back to do to me…lol. It all part of the boys-boys life so I wait for the fun to arrive.