The Crazy You

Hmmm, it’s sometimes good to be crazy for most people and even though they feel you did wrong by not telling them the recent happenings with you. But I just don’t get it though, when people start to beat you around for not informing them about sad events of your life.

Sometimes, do they even wonder how the person will even say it? But a quick funny way will be the person will just call you announce the sad event and hang up then he/she will phone the next person, say the same thing and hang up till he/she finishes everyone on his contact list.

It so so like a boring thing to even do, but everyone will hears it outside. Without you being the one to tell sees it as a crazy stuff. They should accept the fact that not everyone can be so bold as they keep saying to move around telling all sad events of his lives.

So as crazy as they think you are, just stay that way and be you. And as much as they want, you cannot please everyone all the time and no matter what you do they will always have something to say. That’s human nature and you can’t do anything to stop it.

I know one crazy bird who will think i am speaking in his favour and will not remove that craziness from its head. But will be come for him later. Think more and don’t try to understand when it’s not coming. But do your best to stay happy and dream big dreams.