Astrology horoscope interpretations and consultations – is it your time to shine?

Hey there U Community members, Astrology is at the same time a science and an art. It is based on mathematical formulas and geometric alignments that are all predictable as clockwork. It is a measured system of precision and timing. Yet it is simultaneously an art where archetypes are open to interpretation. So It’s not a hard science and could be seen of more as an oracle, that can be read in different ways, depending on the angle of perspective.

The quest for self-realization

Still astrology has brought some uncanny awareness of self and personality whenever it is used to describe character and tendency in an individual. Having practised horoscope interpretation for thirty years, since I began on my own chart in my teens, I have seen too many correlations in horoscopes and personality to cast it aside as a reference tool in labelling personality traits that we all share, to different degrees.

Timing is everything

The foundation of an astrological interpretation of ones personality is the time of birth. To everything there is a season, a time to be born and a time to die, a time to reap and a time to sow. As the Bible reminds us. Similarly astrology labels one’s character according to the timing of planetary and stellar alignments in the heavens. Just as in other economics and currency price chart analyses, there are multiple indicators that give signs as to the nature of the subject of different levels, so too according to the experience you have in reading the indicators, you can make out what is going on in your identity and nature, whether currency or person.

Plotted in the skies

For example in a horoscope the time of day one is born, or the phase of the moon, both have clear varying affects of the nature of ones character, as well as the positions of all the other planets in relation to the backdrop of the zodiac as seen from earth. Somehow our forefathers plotted out the constellations in such a way so as to be able to identify them, for seasonal events like planting and also for navigation over distances. And added to that they also attributed personality traits and themes to the alignments of the planets to each other.

Ancient arts

The reason for each interpretation may be lost to us, though it often has something to do with what was going on at that time of the year. Based on observation one can begin to see patterns. And based on past patterns one can predict the likelihood of that event or theme occurring again under the same circumstances. Since all the planets were in the sky when we were born, we all have the influence of all the planets in our horoscope, just at differing positions and angles to each other.

Past and future predictions

Not only is it possible to use the wheel of the zodiac and all the planets to decode character and personality, but it is also possible to do prognostication or predicting the future outcomes of predictable patterns, from the zodiac in days and weeks to come. This is again because the rotation of the planetary movements are all like clockwork. An ephemeris is the table of positions for each planet in the zodiac for decades past and decades to come, so that it’s easy to see the exact alignments of any date in the life of the history of the world, and similarly its future. It’s much like knowing the tides of the ocean. Because the moon phases are predictable, so the tides are predictable too. And astrology simply extrapolates that paradigm further to include all the planets and luminaries in a system of meaning and value.

Time, date and place required for a full reading

It’s not that the alignments cause an influence on a personality or the planet involved is the reason for a character type, necessarily, but it can act as a reference marker or sign that indicates something in particular. Their is correlation, though it does not imply causation in planetary influences on a person’s character. By knowing you time, date and place of birth it is possible to accurately plot the positions of the planets in the heavens around the earth for any day of the century and attribute meaning to it for each person. So although one may be born in the same month or even on the same day as someone else, still the time of birth will determine where the planets were in the sky, since the earth is rotating all day long and the stars or planets move from our angle of vision.

Planetary themes and archetypes

If you are born with a certain planet or another rising on the eastern horizon at your hour of birth at your position geographically, it is also said to determine your character. It is as if your arrival on the scene coincided with the arrival of that planet rising in the sky and so whatever qualities are attributed to that planet are said to be found in your character. The planets have themes that determine their influence as, for example, being masculine or feminine, expansive or restrictive, or any number of characteristics, often determined literally by the qualities of the planet on the rise at your birth hour.


So if you are ever interested in finding out more about your personality by seeing what the astrological version of your nature says, you can drop me a request with you time, date and place of birth and I will be able to erect a chart that plots your planetary positions for you, giving all the details of your character in symbolic or archetypal form. We will be able to see where the influence of your parents fits in, the masculine and feminine side of your personality, where your gifts lie, and what your challenges might be. You might learn something about yourself, or confirm an intuition you already have based on observation of patterns in your life.

Correspondence details:

Wherever you are on the planet you can send me an email to [email protected] and I can compile a 16 to 20 page document with the interpretation of your horoscope within the week. Then we can always have a Skype consultation in real time if you choose later. Your document alone though will be a good reference to go on.

Payment via PayPal of Crypto wallet address

And I’m, willing to be paid through PayPal in dollars or in cryptocurrency like EOS to a Scatter wallet or anything like that. Payment rates are always variable, depending on your means. One can tailor or schedule the appropriate amount of time based on what you want to invest. For example the document might go for $35 or the equivalent in EOS or some other crytpocurrency of your choice, with. A live consultation over Skype may go for $35 an hour, depending on the strength of your particular currency and exchange rate. Be sure to drop me an email if you’re interested and mention your situation, whether you are curious about self-realization, or perhaps have a more specific situation you need clarity on.

Timestamp your individual questions regarding life, career, relationship, etc

Ideally place a timestamp on your question or communication if there is not one already in the email. Place the local time that you are making the inquiry, the location (city, country) and all your other birth details (time, date and place of birth). There are various angles from which one can approach a horoscope reading and it’s helpful to have as much data and detail to work from for a fuller picture. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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