It's Not Always The Same Way

Such a bright day it is this morning, but how I wished the all was well in that manner. Life will not always be that bright for all. Some will fall sick, while others will walk around health. Some will cry while other will laugh.

Such is life all is never and can never be well. And like they say nothing is perfect on this surface of earth that we live in, even Dettol kills only 99% of germs. But in all these it doesn’t mean the one on the sick bed will leave earth before the ones we consider as health.

The healthy person might live earth with the sick still hanging in there. Sometimes most people never understand when they think of all such things. This is why I am here today to tell you how such I say wicked , life could be.

When you know and live by such things you know how to go about your everyday live. I sometimes wonder what would have happened when there was a timer beside every human that decreases from time to time for each person to know his/her number of days to spend on earth.

I know by now you are thinking just like me, many would have not even do the very things we see them do. They would have been cautious of whatever they do, and not perform certain duties that they do to hurt others.

I once met this dude who in a funny way said if life was to read on us like a timer, then he would have hacked other people to steal from them because life is sweet for one to live it. We all have our ways though but let’s always note that life is and will always be an everyday thing so we should live it well.