Beware of costly freebies!

"Free" tokens might cost you real money!

Everybody likes freebies and airdrops but there are some tricky ones and you may actually lose real money if you claim!

as we can see this token serves no real purpose and there is no business case behind it - the fact that some tokens are deflationary does not make them useful and it seems like deflationary character is the only difference from majority of tokens already circulating.

So as it stands the token is useless. But if you claim, you will actually pay for them in real money - claiming 512 FOMO in this round will cost you 244 bytes of EOS RAM which at the current price is worth $0.14 so if you claim, it is going to cost you.

This does not make much sense to me but you are free to have a go if you want....

You will need valid EOS account with some free RAM to burn and Scatter or similar wallet.

From the other hand all those using EOS REX will get the cut as RAM fees go to the REX rewards pool so while FOMO holders may loose, the whole EOS ecosystem may actually make some profit on FOMO's so maybe this "project" is not so bad after all???

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