How to make money using bittubeapp

making money using bittubeapp extension while browsing

Bittube which is a video social media platform enabling users to make money while browsing on several site as well as content creators to upload their video and earn money when users are benefiting from the video based on count of time can reward contributors in several ways as follows;


As a content creator, you are always assumed to have a website where you first upload your work before starting to distribute it to several channels.With bittube extension, you can maximize your revenue on your website when you link your website with your bittube account. When users are using your website, you will be making money based on usage count time by users on your website.

Browsing other website?

As a daily internet user, you can make money through browsing on several sites based on counttime provided that you have uploaded the bittube chrome extension .The more counttime, the more bittbue you make.

Social media account?

If you own several social media accounts such as facebook, youtube, twitter, twitch and many more, then you can make more money when you connect them to you bittube account. When users are on your page on your connected social media account, you will be making money based on counttime. The more followers you have and the more they are visiting your social media page the more you will be earning.


Based on donation, if a user is on any of your social media account connected to your bittube account and they have uploaded the bittube chrome extension, a donation button will be appearing whenever they are hovering around your social media page. When they make a donation, you will automatically receive the donation directly to your bittube account.

What is the currency used at bittube?

Currently, bittube uses tube token to reward users based on counttime.

Where can i convert my earned tube to other cryptocurrencies?

Currently, bittube is listed on exchanges like bittrex and you can withdraw your earned bittube directly to bittrex on a daily basis.

How do i join Bittube and start earning while browsing the internet?

Currently, there are two website that you can use to join bittube. The first one is the one you will use to download the extension to chrome where the countime will be counted on a daily basis and your earnings will reflect on your account every 24 hour. After you join this first website make sure to download the extension to the chrome. Here is the link;

What about the second website?

For the second website, it is the one where you can upload your videos content, image content and audio content and start making money whenever your followers are benefiting from those uploaded content; Here is the link

Now that you know, i think it is time to make money while bittubing. Make sure to join the platform.