Pain All Your Life

Hmmm life, people sometimes think that they only came to this earth to suffer. Throughout their lives, they never know peace for once. They keep suffering in all ways, and even to make a squared meal a day. All their lives they never know happiness, only suffering.

Sometimes these people wonder if they came to earth never to know peace or taste happiness for once. The story of an orphan who said with her uncle goes like this.

She lost her Dad when she was only 4 months in her mom’s womb and lost her mom at birth. She was taken by this uncle of hers who had to find a caretaker for her. Hopefully, he had one who eventually became his wife.

At the age of 4 her suffering in the arms of his uncle’s wife. She turned into her into a slave and had to do everything in the house. She washed dishes, went to fetch water from miles and had to clean the compound all the time. She would walk miles to fetch a minimum of fifteen buckets everyday and each second she doesn’t finish in time she is beaten till she can’t cry anymore.

She went through this till she grew to become a full grown woman of age. She met this young man who decided to marry her and what made her sad more was when the young man calling off all his marriage plans. Later, her sources made her know that this step mother of hers was the reason to her break up in her relationship all because she didn’t want her to be happy in life.