Don't Always Expect To Have More

Life, a thing worth to live for but the happenings in them makes it not a valuable one at all. Today is this and tomorrow is that, no one really understand it at all.

As humans we always believe that when we do more we get more and when we do less we get less. But life in its own way has its way around such situations. One can do less and get more while te other can do more but get less.

We all have to cope with each other in such times, and we should never think that this person did this and had that so if I do a little more than what he did then I must definitely get more than he did. If you always have that notion then you might live to regret one day.

This is because life has its own way around us sometimes, so we should be always expecting more from putting in more effort. Mostly we have to experience these things so that we can stay stronger in life. We have to keep up to what we have in stock for the future, and so if we go through times like these: we shouldn’t say life is unfair but we are to say it is building us up for a brighter tomorrow.

We cannot be enjoying the honey of life all the time, we must sometimes or at a point in our lives taste some of the limes so that we can really appreciate the smiles when they are due. Stay stronger and note that life is an everyday thing so live it well.