Alrighty, then. Time for a 10000UOS contest! 

It's pretty simple - guess what's this neural network is trying to fake, judging from its attempts on the current level of training.

Here's the pic from epoch 1. The first one to guess it will get 10 000 testnet UOS. Join the ML for Dummies community, repost this publication and leave your guess in the comments. Voila!

I will drop new images as the network progresses, if there are no right guesses.

Update: the next image is here! This time the resolution of each sample image in the batch is doubled.

As the winner has already been picked, I'll drop this image, which is close to the final LOD level of the model:

Here's the ground truth images I've fed into the model (around 5k of those):

I'll wait for the model to be fully trained and post the final dreamed images then, as for now it does resemble wood to some extent, but won't fool anyone if asked whether it's fake or real. 

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