Finally, His Madness Came Through

It’s quite funny how the world is when you look at certain things at a time and is it get worst for others. You sometimes wonder what really went wrong for some people to be the very way they are now. Well we all live to see.

I was just out of the cab to my way home when I saw this kid I knew years back, even though we had never talked to each other before but I just remember him from my childhood neigbourhood. I remember he used to just be dancing from on point to the other to the sound of every music he had.

As a child, I thought of it as just the funny stuffs one used to have when he can’t resist the sound of a good music, so I always laugh out when he does his crazy moves with dance.

Then, later I saw him just put on these rubbers around his legs and I would just see him and say to myself. This guy needs some canes, he has finally added something that is not worth it to his dancing stuffs.

I would just say to my friends this guy needs to be beaten to stop this stuffs he has started, and my friends would always say the guy is a mad person. Well, to them they saw him as mad but to me he was just a guy who has started misbehaving and needed some lashes to stop….lol

And today after seeing him, I had no option than to side with my friends years ago and say the very words they used to tell me about him. I just saw this guy with some round metal in his hand and he is all out making sounds and running around like a cab.

Hmmm, what really went wrong with him to finally move around in dirty clothes and skin. That’s a story to be told another day.