EOS Nation | U°OS

EOS Nation is excited to be the first BP candidate running on the U°OS testnet.

On November 3rd, 2018 EOS Nation joined the U°OS testnet as the  first BP node. We are excited to help grow this EOS.IO based "sister chain" that runs on DPOI (Delegated Proof Of Importance).

At EOS Nation we are dedicated to fostering the EOS.IO software through reliable and efficient block production and community engagement. We believe in a future where life, liberty, and property is protected through decentralization.

We formally invite our community to participate and join the u.community which is the first platform launched on the U°OS blockchain. This is your chance to test the platform, create content, interact, receive social ratings, and the testnet UOS tokens. Your Importance based on your activity on the platform and the DPOI algorithm will be rewarded when the mainnet is launched. Find out more here (Medium article).

Click here (signup) to set up an account on the "Alpha testnet" and start earning your U°OS reputation!

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