U°OS DPoI technical resources

Hi U°OS habitants, 

Here I'm publishing a comprehensive list of links to the technical materials about the DPoI system algorithm — most important ones, that should draw your attention.

I. First and foremost, Yellow Paper — this is the core of the algorithmic description of your reputation score calculation:
II. Second, a series of articles about the DPoI reputation computation in a simple language — technical materials, that are directed towards a wider audience of individuals, interested in the details of our blockchain algorithm:  
III. And last, yet not the least, the videos about the DPoI:

Feel free to leave your comments and questions, and also check out three of the high-level user-oriented resources about the platform:

White Paper: https://uos.network/whitepaper.pdf?050619 

Landing Page: https://uos.network

U°OS Use cases: https://u.community/posts/10180