4 Potential Use Cases for U°OS Blockchain

Hello there,

Here I'm going to share with you 4 cases of how U°OS blockchain can be used in real life. Thanks to  @natasharod11 and @yopuryopuryo for their help in preparing this post.

1. Online Communities

U°OS reputation system introduces the competitive gameplay elements to the user experience on social networking platforms by revealing the reputation of its members. User’s reputation on a platform constantly changes depending on the feedback from others. The reputation determines the weight of their actions on the platform. Competition for influence increases user retention, engagement, and LTV. 

U°Community is the first U°OS dApp built to create and govern decentralized communities. The platform allows community participants to interact through producing content, making offers and performing both social and financial transactions. 

2. Content Monetization 

The biggest social networking platforms (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) require users to invest significant monetary resources to promote their blogs. On U°Community, even a user with minimal initial capital can earn a reputation by producing valuable content for others. The reputation can be monetized in a variety of ways: By receiving a dynamic emission of UOS tokens, asking the audience for a donation, crowdfunding, advertising, or direct selling. Here you will find more details on the upcoming feature that can be used for content monetization — an offer page. 

3. E-Commerce

According to the BrightLocal study, 91% of 18-34-year-olds trust online customer reviews as much as personal recommendations. Among the factors influencing their buying decisions, 30% pointed out the authenticity of reviews. U°OS provides peer-to-peer market participants with a distributed reputation system that minimizes the risk of cheating through fake reviews’ posting as it is sufficiently transparent to trace the reputation of a review’s creator and their past activity across multiple platforms.

4. Corporate Reputation

As the research by Ipsos found out, 87% of consumers around the globe take the reputation of the company into account when purchasing a product or service. According to the research, building a good reputation generates greater marketing efficiency for companies. Currently, U°OS team is working on the interface of organizations on U°Community as well as implementing the reputation system to the corporate sector. 


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