Wow, that looks cold, I have only ever been in snow once in my life, a little soft drizzle of snow.
a day ago
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That sounds like a daring adventure😀
a day ago
Awesome 👍 #uosdaily
a day ago
Thanks again for another very informative post. Curious to see how America, China and Japan, the three top economies globally, as well as Russia, have all seen internet freedom decline.
3 hours ago
@tip @spirinspirin 100 UOS Thank you for the write up! I am excited about the new features!
8 days ago
Great work @spirinspirin good to see the evolution of UOS and UCommunity. Tip hat to you.
8 days ago
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Great news - this place is getting better every day.
8 days ago
I agree it's painful to see, but the price is irrelevant at this point I guess. The project is still in its infancy. Even the blockchain space is in its infancy. The only thing we can do is be patient. We can only hope that the team is making the right decisions and as a community, we can only help to promote the necessity and importance of a project like this. I see U°Community more as an experiment to test the existing algorithms. It's not that important (for the world). Bringing a distributed, transparent and scalable reputation system to the web: that's what it is all about! To me, the success of projects like this will determine the success of democracies as a whole. I know that's a big statement, but the more I learn about the (mis)use of social media, data collection, the deliberate spread of misinformation and false news, the darker my image becomes about the future. We desperately need more trustworthiness on the web. That is the mission. That is the ideal that we must strive for.
2 hours ago
Very helpful tool. CMC was somewhat suspect in its gauge of altcoins and their volume in recent years. Very easy to manipulate the figures apparently and push a token up the rankings if there is little liquidity. So this should be a boost to accuracy in crypto ratings.
a day ago
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Welcome back (and to the top) ;)
3 hours ago
Wonderful to see, I'm so glad the Chinese have kept away from invading. Om mani padme om.
5 hours ago
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