GitHub Airdrop

GitHub Score
GitHub is a large network, tallying at over 28 million users. Most of the actions you do on this platform — from code commits to issue openings — are valuable. We estimated your account’s score, aka Importance in the GitHub community, based on your activity. You can get this score by signing in with your Github account.
Tokens Airdrop
You can register your GitHub account's Importance on the U°OS network, using TestNet tokens, that are issued to you, proportionally to your GitHub account score. Your account and Importance score will be available to you and you only via the private key. Overall, there are two types of tokens — U°OS TestNet tokens and U°OS Futures. U°OS TestNet tokens are used to register your Importance on U°OS, while U°OS Futures can be directly exchanged to the U°OS MainNet tokens. An additional pool of MainNet U°OS tokens will be distributed to all accounts, proportionally to their Importance at the start of MainNet.
UOS Left 9 999 457.0391
from 10 000 000
UOS.Futures Left 9 999 457.0391
from 10 000 000
We calculated the account’s Importance in the GitHub network, based on the events associated with each account, such as commits, comments, opened issues, wiki editing etc., and based on the number of committed events in each repository, associated with the account.
DevExchange Community
This community is a mix of Stack Exchange and Stack Overflow. It showcases how you can use your Importance, which always belongs to you, even on other platforms. Imagine a GitHub that has an account reputation, that you can use at StackExchange. This is what the DevExchange community allows you to do. On top of that, you can start your own communities as well.
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Great project .
25 days ago
Awesome 👍
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awesome mates
13 days ago
Score 0. Not really active on GitHub, except opening some issues on lately ;)
13 days ago
How to increase github score?
13 days ago
I am still trying to find my way around this thing.. No idea yet
12 days ago
Nice project
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7 days ago
Innovative and out of the box....Best wishes for the success
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