GitHub Airdrop Round 2

GitHub Score
GitHub is a huge network tallying at over 28 million users. A lot of the work you do on GitHub — from committing your code to opening issues — is of value. Most of your actions are of value. We did a rough calculation of your account's value, or your Importance in the GitHub network as we call it, that you can get by signing in with your GitHub account.
You can register your GitHub account's Importance on the U°OS network and you — and only you — will forever keep the key to it. The Importance is registered through tokens that are issued to your account on the U°OS network.

There are two types of tokens — UOS and UOS.Futures. UOS to register your Importance and UOS.Futures to exchange to the mainnet UOS tokens. An additional pool of mainnet UOS tokens will also be distributed to all accounts per their Importance.

UOS Left 859 866
from 1 000 000
UOS.Futures Left 859 866
from 1 000 000
We calculated the account Importance in the GitHub network based on the events associated with each account, such as commits, comments, opened issues, wiki editing and so on, and the repositories associated with each account.

You can read the rationale and detailed description in the U°OS Network GitHub repository.

DevExchange Community
This community is a mix of Stack Exchange and Stack Overflow and showcases how you can use your Importance that always belongs to you on other networks. Imagine if your GitHub had account reputation and you could use it on Stack Exchange. Or anywhere else for that matter — this is Universal Portable Reputation.

This is what the DevExchange community showcases. And you can start your own communities too.

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походу просто надо все монеты стакать и все, хз потом в мейннете выдадут столько же по идее
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