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Place to Interact ❤️ with others worldwide 🌎️, share your thoughts 💭 and ideas💡, shape communities of interest 🎉 and contribute to their growing 🌱

Spread your thoughts and ideas

Enrich the platform with valuable knowledge. Content breathes life in communities: brings new ideas, invites debates. Any piece of content (including comments) has a measurable value that is determined by other people and impacts your importance°.

Build your community

People are the most important and valuable part of any social application. People shape the image and nature of any community. As long as the network grows — all its participants get rewarded with tokens

Be rewarded for you importance

U°OS is a blockchain protocol with a unique consensus algorithm called DPoI. Importance° consists of your stake, economic and social activities. The more importance° you have — the bigger share of the whole network’s wealth you get.